Al Khalij Cement holds Seminar on “Innovation in Cement Industry”

Al Khalij Cement Company (AKCC), a subsidiary of Qatari Investors Group, recently held a seminar under the theme of “AKCC Product Development” to promote its latest innovations in Qatar.

The seminar was conducted by Mr. Dejan Peshevski, QHSSE Manager, and Mr. Mohamed Metwally, Production Manager. It was attended by representatives of Public Works Authority (Ashghal), The Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology (QS), consulting firms, and ready mix and chemical companies.

The aim of the seminar was to present the outcomes of AKCC’s Research & Development projects, conducted over several months in collaboration with the company’s clientele. Discussions in the seminar revolved around AKCC product performance, strength enhancement mechanisms, compatibility with chemical admixture, and performance and efficiency with supplementary cementitious materials. The focus of AKCC’s innovation activities is driven by feedback from its customers, and the foregoing issues were addressed by the AKCC technical team as part of a continuous dialogue with customers. The event was also an opportunity for AKCC to provide a platform to collect additional feedback from customers in order to drive upcoming developments.

Raja Assili, Qatari Investors Group’s CEO said: “AKCC is a customer centric company and this seminar is a great example of mutually beneficial supplier-customer collaboration. We listened to our customers and worked with them to address their requests. We understand our role in providing cement and support which helps downstream companies reduce their costs. The aim of this seminar was to present solutions which optimize mix designs, enhance quality, and cut costs. We thank our customers for their custom and collaboration in this project. We look forward to announcing more exciting developments in the coming months.”

Al Khalij Cement Company and Qatar Petroleum sign agreement for the supply of oil well cement

Al Khalij Cement Company, a subsidiary of Qatari Investors Group, signed a three-year agreement with Qatar Petroleum for the supply of oil well cement at the launch of Qatar Petroleum’s Tawteen event held last month.

The agreement was signed by Qatari Investors’ Group CEO, Raja Assili, and Qatar Petroleum’s Executive Vice President Projects, Engineering & Procurement Services Mohamed Al-Marri.

The Tawteen program is an initiative designed to improve the supply chain of the energy sector. By refocusing the supply chain on products and services that are made in Qatar, the initiative aims to add at least QAR 8 billion of import substitutes annually and create over 5,000 new white collar jobs.

Al Khalij Cement Company was awarded the prestigious American Petroleum Institute (API) certification in November 2018, allowing it to produce Oil Well Cement Class “G” at Grade (s) HSR at its Umm Bab factory. It is the first and only cement producer in Qatar able to deliver this high specification grade of cement. The certification was attained by the company’s production plant following the API’s comprehensive audit.

Qatari Investors Group’s Chairman, Abdulla Bin Nasser Al Misnad said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Qatar Petroleum for the supply of oil well cement. This represents an endorsement of the high quality standards of our production facility. This special type of cement is a true Qatari product as the production process begins with limestone, which is the main ingredient for cement, extracted from Qatari soil. Having fulfilled Qatar Petroleum’s stringent standards, we are confident about turning this home grown success story into an export opportunity”.

Raja Assili, Qatari Investors Group’s CEO added: “The signing of this agreement is significant for Al Khalij Cement Company as a commercial milestone of national importance. For the company’s workforce, it represents the culmination of efforts and dedication to deliver outstanding products to our customers. We are grateful to Qatar Petroleum for placing their trust in Al Khalij Cement Company.”

Al Khalij Cement Company is a subsidiary of Qatari Investors Group, a company listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange and regulated by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority. Qatari Investors Group operates as a holding company with diverse interests in industry, technology, real estate and marine and logistics.

“Al Khalij Cement” awarded prestigious API certification enabling it to produce Oil Well Cement.

Al Khalij Cement Company (AKCC), a subsidiary of Qatari Investors Group (QIG), announced that it has been awarded the prestigious American Petroleum Institute (API) certification, allowing it to produce Oil Well Cement (OWC) Class “G” at Grade (s) HSR at its Umm Bab factory.

AKCC becomes the first and only cement producer in Qatar able to deliver this high specification grade of cement. The certification was attained by AKCC’s production plant following the API’s stringent audit and review of processes in various departments including but not limited to procurement, production, laboratories, quality assurance and quality control, in addition to the complete work cycles.

The API awarded AKCC a three-year license to apply the API Monogram on its products. With this certification, AKCC joins a select list of 11 companies in the Middle East.

OWC Class G at Grade (s) HSR is a higher specification cement, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure to secure metal casings and liners in wells out of which oil and gas will eventually flow. OWC can also be used for sealing water wells, waste disposal wells, and geothermal wells.

AKCC is immensely proud of this award, which enables it to supply OWC to oil companies in Qatar out of national production, rather than depending on imports. This is a high specification “Proudly Made in Qatar” product. As a result, AKCC will now be playing an even greater role in helping realize the broader vision of self-sufficiency, in line with the Qatar Nation Vision – 2030”.

AKCC is a subsidiary of QIG, which was established in 2006. QIG is one of the prominent companies listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange and is a diversified group with interests in industry, marine and shipping services, real estate, technology and security solutions.

Al Khalij Cement honors 350 of its workers at Iftar ceremony in Um Bab.

Al Khalij Cement Company (AKCC), an affiliate of the Qatari Investors Group (QIG), has hosted an Iftar ceremony for its workers in Um Bab Factory emanating from its belief in the importance of spreading the spirits of cordiality and mercy among the company’s staff and reinforcing the Qatari habits and traditions during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

During the ceremony, the company honored 350 workers in appreciation of their efforts all over the past years as this comes within the context of the company’s keenness on taking care of the human element and enhancing its commitment to the corporate social responsibility.

The Iftar ceremony was attended by a number of the company’s directors and top officials along with all workers operating in the factory site. The ceremony sheds light on the importance of boosting the good ties among all the company members and in appreciation of their dedication to work in a way that could positively reflect on the productivity increase.

AKCC management expressed its appreciation for the efforts of all its workers who are exerting their utmost efforts to provide high-quality service and satisfy the customers.

The management also asserted the importance of attracting the best human cadres, maintain their continuation at the company, in addition to seeking to provide them with the best training and development opportunities to guarantee that they enjoy the highest potentials and capabilities to achieve the best.

AKCC workers are receiving high standards of health care amid safety and security conditions as the company introduced to them a housing complex including all service utilities in addition to sport playgrounds and all necessary services.

Health and safety are the main pillars of work in AKCC as the company attached great importance to providing healthy and safe working environment to its workers, in addition to applying all preventive measures at the various work sites. Thanks to such efforts, the company has achieved 3.5 million work hours without any incidents.

Since its establishment in 2006, Al Khalij Cement Company (AKCC) has stood for health and safety, quality, sustainability, efficiency and growth.

In less than a decade AKCC has become a leader in its industry as one of only two cement providers in Qatar, and strives to become the Country’s largest provider whilst maintaining the highest grade output for its clients. At the same time AKCC embraces Qatar’s vision for national development of 2030.

“Alkhalij Cement” Celebrates Achieving 3.5 Million Working Hours Without LTI.

Alkhalij Cement”, a subsidiary company of Qatari Investors Group, celebrated a new achievement on occupational safety and health. The company’s operations department completed 3 years (what amounts to 3.5 million hours) without accidents, at its factory in Umm Bab.

This achievement proves the dedication and reliability of all employees over the past three years, by following safety rules at work. The achievement is also a proof for the employees’ commitment to an injuries-free and accident-free cultures in all operations of the company.

Safety is a key element of “Alkhalij Cement” and a core value to which all its employees are committed. The company’s management has exerted the utmost efforts to provide the systems and tools required to achieve a safe environment for all the company’s employees.

The company continues its solid obligation to comply with the internationally recognized quality standards in its core operations. This step comes as a a part of the company’s endeavors that aim for incessant development and improvement efforts to position itself as one of the world’s leading companies that adopts the international standards in cement manufacturing and sale.

Since its establishment in 2006, Alkhalij Cement has supported the causes of health, safety, quality, sustainability, efficiency and growth. In less than ten years, the company has become a key player in its field and has become a primary supplier of cement in Qatar. The company has also maintained the highest quality standards of its products to achieve its customers’ satisfaction, in line with Qatar’s vision that constitutes a major focus of the Alkhalij Cement.

AKCC has incorporated internationally recognized ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality management standards into their work processes

Being a leader in the product and service range of Manufacture and Sale of Cement in the state of Qatar, AlKhalij Cement Company has undertaken to incorporate internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 quality management standards into our work processes. Our team has been working to efficaciously complete the stages of implementation, analysis and evaluation. Now, we are proud to announce that all our efforts have been rewarded with the achievement of ISO 9001:2008 for our Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 for our Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 for our Health and Safety Management System, granted by LMS, accredited by JAS-ANZ member of IAF (International Accreditation Forum).

With these prestigious standards, our suppliers and customers can be assured and confident to work with a company providing products and services in a qualitative and internationally recognized fashion.

This achievement represents our commitment to set up strategic alliances with suppliers and customers, always seeking win-win relationships to benefit all. It also reinforces our continual improvement process through feedback from our daily operations.

AlKhalij Cement Company remains a prominent leader and example in our industry and we invite you, our partners, to review the certificate attached.

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Mr Faisal Abdullah Al Mana, Member of the Board of Directors of Qatari Investors Group (Q.S.C.) has been appointed as Managing Director of Al Khalij Cement Company, a subsidiary company of Qatari Investors Group, effected June 2012.

Mr Faisal Abdullah Al Mana, was elected as member of the Board of Directors of Qatari Investors Group in the year 2011, and at the same time holds a position as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Redco Construction Company, since 2004.


Al Khalij cement co. subsidiary of Al Khalij Holding has successfully obtained a conformity certificate ” Conformity certificate for the technical requirements in the field of construction and building products manufacturer/supplier” with specified requirements of the Qatar Construction Specification (QCS) from ministry of environment, quality and conformity department.