“Al Khalij Cement” awarded prestigious API certification enabling it to produce Oil Well Cement.

Al Khalij Cement Company (AKCC), a subsidiary of Qatari Investors Group (QIG), announced that it has been awarded the prestigious American Petroleum Institute (API) certification, allowing it to produce Oil Well Cement (OWC) Class “G” at Grade (s) HSR at its Umm Bab factory.

AKCC becomes the first and only cement producer in Qatar able to deliver this high specification grade of cement. The certification was attained by AKCC’s production plant following the API’s stringent audit and review of processes in various departments including but not limited to procurement, production, laboratories, quality assurance and quality control, in addition to the complete work cycles.

The API awarded AKCC a three-year license to apply the API Monogram on its products. With this certification, AKCC joins a select list of 11 companies in the Middle East.

OWC Class G at Grade (s) HSR is a higher specification cement, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure to secure metal casings and liners in wells out of which oil and gas will eventually flow. OWC can also be used for sealing water wells, waste disposal wells, and geothermal wells.

AKCC is immensely proud of this award, which enables it to supply OWC to oil companies in Qatar out of national production, rather than depending on imports. This is a high specification “Proudly Made in Qatar” product. As a result, AKCC will now be playing an even greater role in helping realize the broader vision of self-sufficiency, in line with the Qatar Nation Vision – 2030”.

AKCC is a subsidiary of QIG, which was established in 2006. QIG is one of the prominent companies listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange and is a diversified group with interests in industry, marine and shipping services, real estate, technology and security solutions.